SCOTTSDALE, AZ, Aug. 16, 2017—Discover the World recently changed its global network office in South Korea.

Discover the World’s Executive Vice President Ian Murray said, “I am delighted with the transition. With our local partner change in South Korea, we combined the best of Discover the World’s global knowledge and fresh approach with Daemyung Group’s strong background as the largest leisure group in the country with a wide portfolio of resorts, hotels, theme parks, sporting and cultural events.”

Shane Chung, who is Discover South Korea’s director, is proud of the heritage of Daemyung Group, which has been named the most admired company in Korea for nine consecutive years and brand of the year in Korea for twelve. Together with his team, he will serve Discover’s clients: bmi regional, Copa Airlines/Copa Colombia, Caesars Entertainment Las Vegas, Expedia TAAP, Meritus Hotels & Resorts and Traveltek.

“Discover’s new South Korean office is filled with a young and dynamic team with 127 cumulative years of experience within the commercial airline industry,” added Murray. “The team looks forward to expanding its portfolio as well as increasing brand awareness for current Discover clients.”

For more information about Discover the World, visit or call (480) 707-5566 or +44 203 598 8030.

About Discover the World

Discover the World has earned a reputation as a leader in global travel distribution and its success in developing a worldwide network of 63 offices in 80 countries capable of exceptional representation performance is unmatched.  With a portfolio of nearly 100 clients utilizing its sales, marketing and business process outsourcing services, Discover the World remains a dominant innovator for the travel industry.


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